‘Yeshi Tibet’ Wins Swiss Championship At World Kickboxing

A young Tibetan fighter ‘Yeshi Tibet’ has won the Swiss Championship at the world kickboxing tournament held in Zurich recently according to the Tibetan news in the Radio Free Asia. The Tibetan fighter has lifted the title from the final fight against the opponent through a knock out kick soon after the beginning of the match.

Yeshi Shitsetsang, a 23 year old Swiss born Tibetan origin fights his games in the public name, ‘Yeshi Tibet’ and he is identified by wearing cloths with Tibetan flag along with a Tibetan phrase reading ‘Unity of Three Tibetan Provinces’. His family belongs to Kham Tahor in Tibet which is a part of the Dotoe province.

According to the report, Yeshi is fighting in the middleweight category of 72 kg weight. During his last fight against Timo Durst, the Tibetan youth knock him out with a heavy kick very soon after the beginning of the match. The tournament was organized by the WKU-Swiss on November 18 this year.

The event was organized at the Sporthalle Gries in Zurich during the scheduled fight nights. WKU (World Kickboxing  & Karate Union) is the global federation of kickboxing and karate. WKU World has its branches worldwide, among them a branch in Switzerland is also known as WKU SWISS , which includes in itself all Kickboxing, Thai box and Karate clubs.

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