First Tibetan, Bhutila Karpoche Wins Election in Canada

The candidate from New Democratic Party, Bhutila Karpoche made a history by sweeping in an easy win over the electoral district of Parkdale-High Park in Ontario, Canada on Thursday and became the first ever Tibetan to be elected to a public office in North America. Interestingly, the Tibetan has reportedly won the polls by a huge margin over the fellow contestants.

“Bhutila Karpoche made history Thursday night, becoming the first Tibetan ever elected to public office in North America.” said the report in The Star on Thursday which added that the Tibetan candidate seemed totally destined to win the seat according to the poll results.

“The rookie NDP candidate looked destined to win the Parkdale-High Park riding by a wide margin, as she held a commanding lead with just a handful of polls reporting. The final vote tally was not available at press time.” added the report.

The Tibetan origin Canadian is a Tibetan who was initially shifted to Canada through a resettlement program for Tibetans and she is an active participant in resolving issues of the community and the nation at large. She believes in serving back to the community as she has had the opportunity directly connect to the vibrant community of Parkdale in Ontario which receives one of the largest number of refugees from various country.

Bhutila received her BSc. from the University of British Columbia and her MPH from the University of Toronto. She has a PhD candidate in Policy Studies and works in the office of Cheri DiNovo, a Member of the Ontario Legislature.

Bhutila Karpoche lives in Toronto, Canada where she has been actively involved within the Tibet movement for more than a decade.  She has also served on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Tibetan Association of Ontario, the largest Tibetan association in Canada.

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