Group Of Tibetans Protest Outside Office Of Tibet, Washington D.C.

A group of Tibetan public has gathered outside the Office of Tibet building in Washington D.C. to protest against the Kashag’s decision to remove Mr. Penpa Tsering from the position of Representative to North America earlier this month. The Tibetans gathered this morning have come from different cities they said.

Kashag, the cabinet of Tibetan government in exile led by Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sangay earlier this month announced to replaced the incumbent Representative Mr. Penpa Tsering on accounts of a growing trust deficit, under performance and insubordination. The removal of incumbent representative was mentioned as per Chapter 1 Article 1(3) of the Tibetan Charter and Article 19(1) of the Tibetan Public Service Commission rules and regulations and the Education minister (Kalon), Mr. Ngodup Tsering was appointed in his place.

However, the Kashag’s decision was not well received by many Tibetans claiming that the Dr. Lobsang Sangay led cabinet has not been justifiable with regard to Mr. Penpa Tsering. While Kashag had already issued a public clarification of the decision with ten points of reasons in removing the representative, the protesters are contesting that there has not been transparency from Kashag and demands for an independent committee to review the decision according to the press release they have share to the public in Facebook.

As the participants have been sharing updates of the protest on the social media, a delegation of the protesters met the outgoing and incoming representatives Mr. Penpa Tsering and Mr. Ngodup Tsering respectively all together in the Office of Tibet where they also submitted their memorandum in the hand of the incoming representative.

Yesterday, a group of around 90 Tibetans made a similar demonstration against the removal of the representative near the seat of Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamshala, India.

As per the Kashag’s decision, Mr. Ngodup Tsering will be taking over the Office of Tibet, Washington D.C. as the new North America Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamshala from beginning of December this year. The new representative who recently came from Dharamshala received a private audience from His Holiness before setting off to United States for the office handover.

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5 thoughts on “Group Of Tibetans Protest Outside Office Of Tibet, Washington D.C.

  • November 28, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    Hello editor,
    email submission is not working. any IT issues there?

  • November 29, 2017 at 9:13 am

    Thank you. submitted.

  • December 2, 2017 at 12:08 am

    It is shame on these people who protested against Sikyong/kashag/CTA. It is disgrace and no wonder Chinese regime has branded Tibetans as barbarians and uncivilised. When we look into these people they acted exactly what Chinese regime has branded us in the world.

    Just because a staff member was replaced by Kashag for that matter these moron people who are total ignorant, uneducated and uncivilised lashing and branding kashag as criminal. Are these moron uncivilised people going to behave like this uncivilised manner for every staff member who are underperforming is replaced in the future by Sikyong/Kashag?

    In any government or business organisation has chain of command and its leader has every right and authority to remove any one who are not up to the task that entrusted. Kashag has every right to make decision and Sikyong has authority to remove Penpa Tsering as representative in DC office.

    Kashag has truly clarified and given every reason for its decision to replace Penpa Tsering and what more than that these moron uncivilised people are protesting for?

    Why can’t these people behave same against china who has driven us from our own home land and scattered around the world as second class citizen and has become stateless people among world.

    This is all instigated by Mila rangzen, Dhondup choephel has caused division among tibetan refugees out side Tibet. Mila rangzen is not a professional social media, and not holding its responsibility and accountability as media.

    All professional media in the world, does not instigate and incite inflammatory among people or against government rather they write/comment on the fact what they see only without siding to any direction. But Mila rangzen has given contact details of kashag/private office in social media and encouraged people to go against our own Sikyong and Kashag.

    I appeal all my fellow Tibetan people, please do not use / read / comment through Mila rangzen media and total boycott and complete isolate from interaction with Mila rangzen in the future.
    As you all know what Mila rangzen has done recently against Sikyong/Kashag and to all Tibetans which is the exact work of Dhoegyal followers and Chinese regime and we Tibetans certainly do not want another Chinese regime.

  • December 3, 2017 at 12:45 am

    I have seen video in youtube, during hand over tibet office in DC, some of our own tibetan people lashing out and vigorously abusing Ngodup Tsering la, those abusive tons and languages were directing to our Sikyong and Kashag and CTA.

    It is shame of them at this juncture of tibetans people’s status and our Tibet situation, these of some misguided people by Mila rangzen led by Dhondup Choephel has disgraced tibetans people living out side tibet and led down our fellow tibetans in Tibet who were suffering in hands of brutal force by Chinese regime.

    Just for removing a staff member who is an employee under CTA who was incompetent as representative’s position in DC tibet office.

    Lobsang Sangay took responsibility and accountability as Sikyong and replaced staff who is underperformance and lost confidence of Kashag with Penpa Tsering. There fore Penpa Tsering ing was replaced in the best interest of Tibetan people and for the best interest of Tibetan exiled government.

    These misguided people where instigated by Dhondup Choephel of Mila rangzen.
    These people I believe are mentally retarded they don’t know actually who they were protesting and what actually protesting for.

    Portestors said:

    we are not against Gaden Phodrang,
    we are not against Kashag,
    we are not against CTA.
    we are here against Lobsang Sagay.

    May I ask these people

    Who is Sikyong?
    Who leads kashag?
    Who is running CTA?

    Answer is:
    Lobsang Sangay is Sikyong,
    Lobsang Sangay is leader of the kashag,
    Lobsang sangay is running CTA.
    Lobsang Sangay is trusted by Gaden Phodrang
    And Gaden Phodrang has confidence on Lobsang Sangay.

    In other words:
    Yes you protestors are against Sikyong, the chair and its position
    Yes you protestors are against Kashag
    Yes you protestors are against CTA
    Yes you protestors are against Gaden Phodrang.

    Shame these protestors, they protestors should be identified and shame the name as well among Tibetans inside and out side of Tibet


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