Tibetan Woollens Market in Noida is Big Hit Among the Locals

The Tibetan Refugee Market more commonly known as the Tibetan Woollens Market presently set up in Noida for the winter season is a big hit. The local people in the region which consists of a large number of younger groups are rushing there for woollen wears to warm up from the winter cold.

The Times of India on Sunday published a report about the Tibetan winter market set up in Noida as it has become a big hit for budget winter wears. With large number young people consisting of college students present in the region, people are swarming into the market.

“This winter, the Tibetan Market set up in Sector 33 is registering a high demand for traditional Himalayan woollens. From shawls and coats to mufflers and cardigans, the market offers a variety of winter clothes that the sellers claim are made of authentic Himalayan wool and are selling like hot cakes.” said the the TOI report.

While the Tibetan market is well known for fashionably good quality winter wears, it has opened from the beginning of December last and it will remain open only till the beginning of February this year.

Tibetan refugee families set up temporary stalls in various cities across the country during the winter seasons to sell winter wears and it has been a source of decent livelihood for many.

Since the Tibetans sought refuge in India back in 1959, they began rebuilding the centers of learning and culture in India. While it was a rough ride initially struggling for livelihoods through road construction jobs, the exile community is well off today with the winter business being a main source of livelihood.

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